Creating a custom publication of your plan

These instructions will walk you through how to create a custom .PDF document of your plan that only contains the sections you choose.

  1. Login to your SHIELD account:
  2. Select a module the list on the left.
  3. Select what you would like to publish from the list on the left then click the chevron on the right.  Note that you will have the opportunity to modify this selection in a future step so selecting any team, section, etc. is fine.
  4. From the resulting fly-out, click on “Publish this Team”.
  5. Give the document you are about to publish a name (in this example, we called it Custom Publication) and select the last option “Customize which sections to publish.”  Then click ‘Publish’.
  6. You are now presented with the option of selecting what you do and don’t want to publish.  The screen on the left represents all sections that can be published in your plan.  By default, all sections are selected for publication.  
  7. Click on the sections you DO NOT want included.  They will appear faded and italicized and will not be included in the publication.  In this example, we do not want to include the IT teams in the final plan:

    NOTE:  In some cases it may be faster to deselect large portions of the plan by clicking on a Module such as ‘Response’ which will deselect all the content in that Module.  You can then re-select which sections within that Module you would like included.  Sections can be selected and de-selected as many times as needed to achieve the result you’re looking for.
  8. Once you have completed your selections, click ‘Publish’.
  9. Shield creates a .PDF of your document.  When you click “OK”, Shield takes you directly to the “Supporting Documents > Drafts” folder and highlights your newly created document.
  10. Use the chevron to the right of the document name and select “Download this Document”.  The document will be downloaded to your computer.  It can be printed, shared or saved from there.
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