Importing Data into a Shield Data Table

Data is the foundation of a good BCP. Shield is a great (Secure and Straightforward) place to store your data with always on access and simple to use interface. Importing your data to ensure it comes in cleanly and doesn't get corrupted is critical. Follow these steps to be sure your data is imported perfectly.

The following steps are for importing data into a Shield data table that is NOT the personnel table.  For importing data into the personnel table, please see Updating the personnel table.

1. Login to your Shield account:
2. Navigate to the “Supporting Data” component.
3. Select a data table you wish to import data into from the left menu.

4. Review the column titles listed. If you wish to include more information in your data table than listed, click the arrow next to the data table name in the left-hand pane.

Select “Edit This Table’s Columns” from the fly-out menu.

Add the column titles you wish to include from your incoming data.

5. To import data into the data table, click the arrow to the right of the selected data table and select “Import Data Into Table”. 

6. Select Merge or Replace (more information on choosing the best option can be found here).

7. Choose the .csv file containing the data to import into Shield.

8. If you’re updating existing data and have a Unique Identifier in your data, scroll down to select a Unique ID column for Shield to use to perform the import.  Note that If you select Replace with no Unique ID selected, this will remove all references to this table from your plan, such as reports or BIA business process dependencies. 

9. Click “Next Step: Validate Data”.

10. Use the buttons available to match the incoming data to the column title in your data table.

11. Click “Import Data”.

12. Click “Edit this Table’s Data”, find the row of titles from the incoming data and click the garbage can to the left to remove it from your data table. 

13. Click “Save Changes”.

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