Updating the personnel table

  1. Login to your SHIELD account: https://shieldbcp.com
  2. Navigate to the “Supporting Data” component.
  3. Find “Personnel” under “Data Tables in Your Plan".
  4. Review the column titles listed. If you wish to include more information in your personnel table than listed, click the arrow next to “Personnel” in the left-hand pane and select “Edit This Table’s Columns” from the fly-out. Add the column titles you wish to include from your incoming data.

  5. To import data into the personnel table, click the arrow to the right of “Personnel” and select “Import Data Into Table”.  Note that only personnel with an email address can be added to the Personnel table.  Any personnel without an email address will automatically be added to the Supplementary Personnel table.

  6. Select Merge or Replace (more information here).
  7. Choose the .csv file containing the list of personnel (First Name, Last Name, Known As, SMS Phone #, email address) to import into Shield.
  8. Note: If you wish to import additional details, such as location, alternate phone #, etc., you will need to either:

    Add these columns to the table before importing the data, as indicated in the review step above.

    Perform an initial import of the data, add the appropriate additional columns to the table, and then “merge” the document again to include the additional details.

  9. Click “Next Step: Validate Data”.
  10. Use the buttons available to match the incoming data to the column titles in your data table.
  11. Click “Import Data”.
  12. If you chose the Replace option, a window may appear showing you any email addresses that are being removed from the database that had roles within the plan e.g. team members.  You may want to copy and paste this information into a document for reference.
  13. If your csv file had a header row of titles or other entries without valid email addresses, you will receive a warning message that any entries that were not valid email addresses have been placed in the Supplementary Personnel table.  Follow this link to edit this table.
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