What is the Supplementary Personnel table?

The Supplementary Personnel table can be accessed as follows:

  1. Login to your SHIELD account: https://shieldbcp.com
  2. Navigate to the ‘Supporting Data’ component.
  3. Select Supplementary Personnel.
The Supplementary Personnel table looks like a Personnel table but it’s not quite the same so what does it do?
The Supplementary Personnel table serves two functions in Shield.
  • It provides you a place to store contact information for those who are not regular employees of your organization but that you might need to reach should business interruptions occur.  These individuals generally don’t have a company email address and provide temporary or contract work on a short-term basis.
  • The table identifies invalid email addresses within your personnel table, including the header row you may have had in the file that you imported into your personnel table.  
So how does it work?
When you import a csv files of personnel information into Shield all entries that do not have a valid email address are automatically placed in the Supplementary personnel table.  If there are entries placed in this table, Shield will present you with a message indicating that this is the case.
The Supplementary personnel table can be edited just like any other data table (add a link to https://support.kingsbridgebcp.com/article/22-editing-data-in-a-data-table)
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