Document Inventory

The Document Inventory gives the user an overview of all the documents included in a plan, provides an overview of all documents included in the Supporting Documents section, their location, size, the last time they were modified, and who modified them.   This inventory can be exported as a .csv file for more in-depth review and analysis.

1. Login to your Shield account:
2. Navigate to Analytics.

3. Select "Document Inventory" from the left pane.  

Shield will display a list of document folders and the number of documents contained within each folder.

4. View additional details by two different methods:
a)Click on a particular folder to details of the documents contained within that folder.
b)Click the "Expand All Folders" button to view the details of the documents in all folders.

5. To export the data into a CSV file, click "Export Document Inventory".  

The CSV file will appear in the Drafts folder of the Supporting Documents section where it can be downloaded to your computer.

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