Plan Health

Plan Health provides an overview of how current the content is in your plan.  We recommend you look at your Plan Health from time to time to ensure your plan is staying up to date.

1. Login to your Shield account:
2. Navigate to Analytics.

3. You will now be looking at Plan Health.  Choose the Chart Type and Group By option to best view the time frame you’re interested in.

4. Select the part of your plan that you would like to include in the graphical display by checking/unchecking the boxes below the graph.

5. For more detail on what is included in each pie piece or bar on the graph, click on the piece of interest.  Details will appear below the image outlining the parts of the plan that are included.  Note that items in grey are included strictly to facilitate understanding of the location of the sections in question.  Items in black are included in the pie piece or bar selected.

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