Moving a section in Shield

When a section, team or report is created in Shield, you have the option of moving the created item to another location.  This also applies to business processes which can be moved from one BIA Business Process section to another. 

To move a section within Shield, do the following:

  1. Login to your SHIELD account:
  2. Navigate to the section, team or report you wish to move.
  3. Select the chevron to the right of the section and select ‘Move this section’.
  4. Choose a location from the menu on the left where you would like to move the section.  
  5. Select whether you want to place the section above, below, or into the selected section.  When you select the ‘into’ option, the section will become a ‘child’, nested inside the selected section.
  6. Once you have selected of the three options, click ‘Save’.
Your section is now moved to the selected location.
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