All about Personnel Loading

The Personnel Loading table provides you with a snapshot of who is on each team in Shield.  

To locate the Personnel Loading table, do the following:
  1. Login to your SHIELD account:
  2. Navigate to the ‘Supporting Data’ component.
  3. Select ‘Personnel Loading’ from the menu on the left.
The table is helpful for a few reasons.
  • Verifying that no one individual is on too many teams and could therefore be spread too thinly during a disaster.  To find this out, sort the table by email by clicking the chevron.  This way you can easily see all of the teams that any one person is on and then scan through the emails to determine if anyone is coming up too frequently.
  • Creating a list of team members for planning tabletop exercises or other BCP maintenance activities.  Simply sort the table by Team Name or export the table into a CSV file by doing the following:
  1. Click the chevron beside the Personnel Loading table and click ‘Export Data from Table’.
  2. Click ‘Export Now’.
  3. Shield creates a .CSV of your table and takes you directly to the “Supporting Documents > Drafts” folder where you can locate the file. Select the CSV file.  It will be called ‘Personnel Loading – nnnnnn’.  Each time the file is created there will be a new 6-digit number appended to the name Personnel Loading.
  4. Click the chevron beside the file name and select ‘Download this Document’.
  5. Use the chevron to the right of the file name and select “Download this Document”.  The file will be downloaded to your computer.  It can be printed, shared or saved from there.
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