Setting a filter to select Shield Communication recipients

The recipients of a Shield communication can be selected by Team, by role (Team Leader, Alternate Team Leader, etc.), individually, or by setting filter. 
  1. Login to your SHIELD account:
  2. Navigate to the “Communication Tools” Component.
  3. Select “Send Message”.
  4. Compose an SMS and/or Email message by completing the relevant fields.
  5. To choose individuals to receive your message based on a filter, select “Add Individuals by Filter”.
  6. Click ‘choose a column’ to view the columns available in your Personnel database on which you can base your filter:
  7. Select the column you would like your filter based on and enter a value for your filter.  In this example, the user is wishing to send a communication to individuals with a Location equal to New York.
  8. Once you click ‘Save Filter you will see the list of recipients that correspond to your filter.  You can then click ‘Send Now’ to send your message to these individuals.
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