Creating a hyperlink in Shield

Hyperlinks in Shield can link you to other sections, documents and webpages. Using hyperlinks effectively can make sure your plan is followed in the manner it was intended and ensure the user doesn't have to go looking for other resources.

1. Navigate to the section you wish to add a hyperlink to.

2. Click the arrow icon to the right of the section name and select “Edit this Section”.
3. Highlight the text to be used as the hyperlink.
4. Click the "Insert" option on the menu bar.

a. Select one of the following options.
If you wish to link to a site outside of SHIELD, select the Link option.

Enter the URL and click "Save".

b. If you wish to link to a page within SHIELD, select the Shield Link option.

Click the arrow next to either the Document or Folder to select the link, or to the Module or Section.

Navigate to the Document/Folder or Module/Section you want to link to from the options provided.

5. Click the “Add Link” button at the bottom right.

6. In the edit window, confirm the selected text is blue (indicating a hyperlink) and click the green “Save” icon in the bottom.

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