Modifying the columns in a data table

The following instructions outline how to modify the columns in the personnel database however the same instructions can be applied to any Shield data table you’ve created. 
  1. Login to your SHIELD account:
  2. Navigate to the “Supporting Data” Component.
  3. Select “Personnel” under “Data Tables in Your Plan”.
  4. Review the column titles listed. If you wish to include more information in your personnel table than listed, click the chevron next to “Personnel” in the left-hand pane.
  5. Select “Edit This Table’s Columns” from the fly-out.
  6. You can now make a number of changes:
    1. Add the column titles you wish to include from your incoming data by clicking ‘Add Column’.
    2. Mark a column as sensitive.  This will result in the content being blacked out or redacted when you publish reports that include this column.
    3. Change the column type.  For those that use Shield Communications, each column marked as Communication Email will be used for email communications and each column marked as Communication SMS will be used for SMS communications.
    4. You can remove columns by clicking the garbage can beside the column.  Note that you can cannot remove or rename the default columns in the personnel table.
    5. You can drag and drop the columns to adjust the column order.
  7. Click “Save Changes” once you’ve added/modified the columns.
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